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Beau Wilkins

Beau Wilkins holds three Bachelor of Science degrees from Washington State University: Physical Therapy, Human Nutrition, and Nutritional Sciences. Having worked as a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist for over seven years, Beau is qualified to work with all athletes regardless of age, gender, sport, or level of competition. Given Beau's vast background in anatomy and physiology, he can design and implement any program and specialize it to each customer’s specific needs, all while preventing injury.

What sets Beau apart, thanks to his unique educational background, is his knowledge of how the body works both physiologically and anatomically. This distinct combination provides Beau with the ability to think outside the box and heal people who thought they were beyond help. He can also take athletes to higher levels of performance by identifying what they need to perform better and challenging them to reach these goals.

Beau has had great success working with athletes, rehabilitation clients, special needs populations, and those who are simply looking to become healthier.

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Beau Wilkins
Bob Cryder

Bob Cryder

Former NFL offensive lineman Bob Cryder has extensive experience in youth, colligate and professional athletics. At his alma mater of University of Alabama, he played under legendary coach Paul Bryant in four bowl games and won 2nd team All American, 1st Team all SEC and was awarded the Jacobs Trophy for best offensive lineman in the SEC.

After college, Bob was a 1st round draft choice for the New England Patriots. He went on to play for 6 years at a Patriot, 3 years as a Seattle Seahawk and one year as a Detroit Lion. He retired from the NFL in 1988 after 10 years in the NFL.

Following his NFL career, Bob went into real estate and operated several local businesses with his wife Lisa. He has coached for over 15 years specifically youth football and basketball for the Kirkland Kangs, Redmond Mustangs and now the Woodinville Falcons. He is involved with the Woodinville Junior Football Association, which strives on teaching young athletes both the physical and mental fundamentals of playing the game.

Along with spending time with his four children; Jessie, Wynter, Amanda and Bobby Joe, Bob enjoys lending his talents by coaching young athletes in the Woodinville area.


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We offer the best athletic training in the area to help you reach your maximum potential. We have specilized training programs for all sports.

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Benefits of regular exercise:
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