Seminars - Wilkins PerformanceWould you like to engage a small or large group of individuals on a specific health or fitness topic? Seminars are a great way to engage an audience, raise and explore topics about a specific health or fitness topics.They require the group to practice the skills of analysis and synthesis.Seminars serve as a means for groups to obtain a set of common experiences and expand their understanding about the chosen topic.

Beau is available to provide seminars about a variety of topics upon request.

Example topics are:
• Establishing healthy eating habits
• Improving health through consistent exercise
• Increasing energy with proper eating habits and exercise
• Improving your athletes

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• Athletic Training
• Group Training
• Nutrition Counseling
• Rehabilitation

Athletic Training

We offer the best athletic training in the area to help you reach your maximum potential. We have specilized training programs for all sports.

Strength Training

Benefits of regular exercise:
• Improved Mood
• Manage Weight
• Boosted Energy Level
• Sleep Better
• Better Physical Health